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Coco Fennell: Making Pin Up Dresses for Every Glamour Girl

Coco Fennell: Making Pin Up Dresses for Every Glamour Girl

Coco Fennell has a simple mission: to make every girl feel gorgeous inside and out. Their fun line of retro dresses in bold prints and styles bring back the essence of the pinup girl fashion icon and make this timeless look accessible to today’s women.

Coco Fennell

The lovely Coco Fennell started her clothing line from her modest flat in the Shoreditch borough of London ( uk ) in 2011. Little did she know that her retro designs would take off into a fabulous fashion enterprise recognized all over the world.

Renowned fashion icons and celebrities have even been spotted wearing these Hollywood-gorgeous dresses for daytime and special occasions. At this shop you’ll find rockabilly classics like the Graceland Jumpsuit and cute knee length pinup dresses for fun in the sun.

Let your retro style shine with patterns like polka dots and florals, or go bold with a solid color in bright red, black, or blue. These styles are so deliciously fashionable, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Dresses come in floor length maxi gowns, knee length sundresses, and above the knee romper lengths so there is something for everyone to feel comfortable in. Show off your favorite hobbies with fabric prints in casino cards, ice cream cones, and kitchen gadgets. There is simply no end to the possibilities of fun vintage outfits at Coco Fennell.

Because new designs are being periodically added, it’s worth checking back periodically to see the latest pinup looks. Also take advantage of their limited time sale items for glam dresses at discounted prices. Shipping prices are available for UK, Europe, and worldwide options. Complete your rockabilly look with picture-perfect accessories such as head scarves and tote bags with screen-printed retro emblems.


Another fun part about feeling great in Coco Fennell is their Instagram Girls page. Snap a photo of yourself wearing your new Coco Fennell dress and they’ll put it online with the rest of their glamorous hall of vintage fame. You can also view this page for fashion inspiration to get ideas and develop your own pinup girl style. This brand loves to make women look and feel bombshell beautiful and they’re not afraid to show it!


Limb Clothing: Pin Up Vintage Dresses and Skirts

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Limb Clothing: Pin Up Vintage Dresses and Skirts
Based in greater Manchester, Limb Clothing features a collection of gorgeous pin up dresses and skirts for the iconic fashion look of the 1950’s.

Limb Clothing

By keeping the selection small, Limb Clothing ensures quality and fit of their merchandise, designing each piece for the perfect fit. For this reason, Limb Clothing rolls out a new collection of dresses and skirts every year, so keep checking back for the latest vintage designs!

Browse their dresses by design title to find a host of bold fabrics to choose from. In the Hawaiian dress design, large and colorful floral patterns evoke the tropical paradise memories of beach days gone by. Other dress designs are inspired by icons like Betty P, Sally Anne, and Polly. In one of these eye catching dresses, anyone can look like a bombshell beauty straight from the pages of fashion history.

In this year’s Victory Parade collection, you will find skirt styles in pleated or pencil to accentuate your feminine curves. Some prints boast fun teapots or cute panda bears while others rock retro geometric patterns or pinstripes. Pair with a crinoline petticoat for a silhouette straight out of a pin up ad from the vintage newspaper.


These looks are perfect for an everyday shopping trip or a special party where you want your timeless fashion sense to shine. If it seems a little chilly to be rocking your new Peggy Sue pin up dress, never fear! Be sure to browse through their dress accessories including stoles, shrugs and wraps.


Hand-stitched of faux fur, these wraps offer the luxury and class of the look without harming any of our animal friends. Quality and fit are the top priorities at Limb Clothing and they take great care in producing each design to the highest standards. There is a great return policy if you feel your outfit does not completely suit you.


Best of all, they are able to keep their prices relatively affordable for the entire brand. Because these designs are limited in quantity, it’s easy to miss an opportunity for a great vintage look. Limb Clothing recommends checking back often for style updates and hot new items.


Rockabilly Look? A Brief Fashion History

What is the What is the Rockabilly Look? A Brief Fashion History

We already know that the rockabilly fashion is one we adore: the Betty Page form-fitting rockabilly dresses, high-waisted jeans and bold colors and patterns that make the wearer stand out.

Rockabilly Look

But where did this iconic look come from? It all started with rockabilly music. The term rockabilly is actually a combination of ‘rock and roll’ and ‘hillbilly,’ signifying the style’s early combination of rock and country Western sounds. This genre was made popular by famous rockers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash in the 1950’s, when the post-WWII generation was ready to push the boundaries of social norms and experiment with an edgy new look.

The picture perfect pinup girl of the 1940’s gave way to the rocking look of the 50’s and 60’s. Teens everywhere traded their full A-line dresses and petticoats for hip-hugging pencil skirts and skinny jeans. In men’s fashion, the tough leather jackets and Dr. Marten’s leather boots became in vogue.

The look symbolized a musical style and generation’s ideals of independent expression and honesty, letting your rockabilly clothing show your true colors. While victory roll hair and and rockabilly music did not stay strong through the 1960’s, the vintage look returned with full force in the 1970’s and 80’s as a new generation embraced what had become classic fashion.

Years have passed, but the passion for rockabilly dresses and hairstyles only grew stronger with its resurgence. Now the full crinoline skirts and polka dot blouses were included in the rockabilly look as part of the old fashioned and classic throwback to days gone by.

The silhouette of this clothing style still shows off the feminine shape and this was also adapted for plus-size options. Today the rockabilly look is still going strong with a host of online shops catering to the demands of this popular style. Punkabilly Clothing specializes in rockabilly dresses and swimwear for all sizes.

Form-fitting rockabilly dresses and pencil skirts abound at Daisy Dapper Retro Clothing and Doll Deluxe. Today there are even shops for children and babies rockabilly outfits, like Pigtails and Pirates in Australia. No matter the era, rockabilly clothing continues to inspire all generations to flaunt their style.


Retro Peepers: Vintage Glasses to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Retro Peepers: Vintage Glasses to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Retro Peepers is the place to go for that cute, 1950’s librarian look known by its stylish cat’s eye frames and reading glasses.

Retro Peepers

Eyewear doesn’t need to hide your gorgeous gaze behind boring frames and Retro Peepers firmly believes that glasses can and should be a stylish accessory to any outfit. With a range of men’s and women’s designs to choose from, their unique retro look is anything but plain.

Founded over a decade ago by entrepreneur Annie Towler, Retro Peepers began modestly as Jeepers Peepers Retro Eyewear. Towler was looking for some stylish reading glasses for herself and could not seem to find any that matched her classic pin up style and fun-loving fashion. So she did what any artsy gal would do and designed them herself. Twelve years later, her one-woman business ships worldwide from Scotland, offering hundreds of designs and rolling out new ones every year.

Peppered with fun quotes by vintage icons like Marilyn Monroe and Vera Wang, Retro Peepers’ site is fun to browse while shopping for the perfect rockabilly reading- and sunglasses. You’ll find women’s styles inspired by the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s, all of which can be reglazed to your specific optical prescription. Each design is named after a different beloved pin up girl and can be ordered in a variety of colors to suit any rockabilly or vintage outfit.

Also be sure to check out their new collection known as, “The Edge.” With men’s and women’s glasses, these designs are all handmade and limited edition. They aim to recreate classic vintage looks using modern materials for a firmer and longer lasting construction than the old-fashioned originals.

While these are available with a variety of different reading glasses’ prescription strengths, any prescription can be added to the lens for a small surcharge to make them right for you. As Retro Peepers’ founder likes to point out, you don’t have just one pair of shoes, so why would you only own one pair of glasses?

With the huge variety of stylish retro options to choose from, there is no need to settle for just one pair. Make every outfit fabulous with the eye-popping designs of Retro Peepers!